Privacy Policy

To protect your privacy at this website, we have adopted the following policies to safeguard any personal information (hereinafter, "Customer Information").

1. Approach to Protection of Customer Information

This website aims to provide customers with information.
Some of the services provided at this website, such as inquiry submission, are available at discretion of customers and can be used voluntarily.
Such services require Customer Information.
We regard appropriate protection of Customer Information as one of our primary obligations, and take the following measures to handle Customer Information.


We comply with and properly handle the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws.
We improve information handling practice.


We specify rules for handling Customer Information and ensure that our staff members comply with the rules.
We collaborate with our suppliers and contractors for proper protection of Customer Information.


For collection of Customer Information, we clarify and announce or disclose the purpose of its use, and we do not use Customer Information for any purpose other than the announced/disclosed purpose.


We take proper measures to safeguard Customer Information, so that it cannot be leaked, lost, or falsified.

2. Purposes and Uses of Customer Information

Purposes and Uses of Customer Information


To provide customers with information on our business activities and services


To conduct questionnaires for product planning/development and for investigation to increase customer satisfaction


To respond inquiries from customers and services quickly

3. Sharing of Customer Information

We do not transfer or provide Customer Information collected through this website to any third person, except in the following cases.


When contracting delivery of goods, documents, news letters to a delivery contractor


When contracting development, production, management, and administration of this website to a contractor


When disclosing data in which individuals cannot be identified or that have been statistically processed

4. Accuracy of Customer Information

Customer Information that you have submitted can be confirmed, revised, and deleted upon request by the inquiry form on the website or phone.
We respond to these requests promptly and strictly.

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