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Bonding (hard to hard)

In the production of touch screens (TP, on-cell, OGS) and panels (LCD, organic EL panel; OLED), both bonding cover glass to touch screen, and bonding cover glass to panel are the steps required.

It is required, when using adhesive materials such as OCA and UV curable resin (OCR, LOCA), to bond the entire surface, while accurately controlling the film thickness and eliminating air bubbles and foreign substances.



  • Bonding in Glass Bend Lamination System in non-vacuum (atmospheric pressure) environment.
    In the normal pressure (atmospheric pressure) by slightly bending cover glass by FUK's unique system, bonding is performed from one end of the glass. In this process, it is possible to freely manage the gap, speed and pressure by numerical control, giving the best settings for each job.
  • No worries for choosing adhesive material.
    Because it has implemented Glass Bend Lamination System, even if the adhesive material selected by customers varies, it is possible to match the bonding settings with it and FUK is ready to give advises.
Glass Lamination Equipment

Glass Lamination Equipment

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