Technical Laboratory

FUK is a group of specialists offering manufacturers with integrated solutions to various problems about process engineering, ranging from process development to manufacturing.

At our Technical Laboratory, we have provided to a large group of customers with various solutions that would breakthrough or improve their conventional automation production systems.

Our Technology

Assessment of Process / Mechanical Engineering

At FUK, we produce our own test machines to perform process and mechanical assessments on a daily basis. We believe these processes give life to products we deliver to our customers.

Every day we are working on bettering processes, to create the best solutions and long-lasting products embracing stable processes.


・Evaluation of polishing methods such as reciprocating polishing and rotary polishing.
・Evaluation of force of polishing sheets and pads.
・Evaluation of performance of air suction system which holds polishing pads.
・Observation of polishing flaws and foreign matter.

Lamination (bonding soft and hard)

・Evaluation of laminating/removing force to assess peeling.
・Observation of lamination precision.
・Observation of air bubbles and foreign matter.


・Evaluation of cleaning performance of brushes and nozzles.
・Evaluation of drying performance air knives.
・Evaluation of particles.

Bonding (hard to hard)

・Evaluation of force for bonding, removing and peeling.
・Observation of bonding accuracy.
・Observation of air bubbles and foreign matter

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