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Curved surface (2.5D) lamination

FUK is answering needs with its Flexible Device Lamination System, for laminating flexible devices (OLEDs, touch sensors, etc.) on curved. 2.5D surfaces, used with displays and control panels (screens, monitors, etc.) for smartphones, automotive panels (instrument clusters, information displays, car navigations, etc.), OLED lightings and etc.

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Large format display lamination

FUK is proposing an optical bonding (direct bonding) process called "Glass Bend Lamination System", capable of handling from smartwatches to 90 inch IWBs (interactive whiteboards).

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Full automatic inline for printable electronics processing

FUK is offering the solution just suited for metal mesh film process, applicable for the roll width of 500mmm.

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High speed OCR lamination of CG and LCD

"Glass Bend Lamination System" , FUK's original non-vacuum optical bonding (direct bonding) technology, offers solutions for production of mobile products having screen sizes from 4.0 inches to 15.6 inches, with combination of FUK’s original slit coating process and pre-cure OCR (optical transparent resin).

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Polishing and cleaning line for super thin sheet glass (t <0.2mm)

Utilizes a dedicated polishing pad to realize the latest mechanical polishing process.
Applicable from panels sizes for smartphones to notebook PCs.

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