Full automatic inline for printable electronics processing

Labor saving sensor film production by Roll to Sheet

Proposing the best solution for the production of metal mesh film.
Applicable for the roll width of 500mm.

Lamination process

Lamination process

The leading edge of the OCA sheet first touches the lamination roller with a tilted angle against the sensor film. Then the roller lamination is performed with set speed, pressure, and height.
Because it is line lamination with tangential contact, it squeezes out air bubbles in the course of the process.

Roll to sheet

To the roll of sensor films, lamination of sheeted OCA is performed for both sides with a high degree of accuracy, and fully cut to match to the required product size.

As it carries out the roller transfer, separator peeling, laminating and punching, all in automatic, it saves cost and labor when compared with manufacturing with semi-automatic equipment.

Roll to sheet


  • When compared with manufacturing of lamination after sensor film is single sheeted, it enables more stable production and reduces labor costs.
  • By incorporating the multiaxial interpolation control algorithm, it enables high reproducibility and reduction of model changeover time.


  • Touch Sensors
  • Film sensors
  • Glass sensors
  • Touch panels for curved design
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