Film Lamination Equipment

With FUK’s Glass Bend Lamination System, a flexible soft material sheet held by air suction on the stage plate is tilted against the surface of the hard target object, and securely bonds to the target by the roller pressure applied from a side where the tilted sheet first touches the target object. This lamination process squeezes out air bubbles which dramatically contributes to increasing yield rate. This is suitable for flexible materials such as films.

FUK also offers Flexible Device Lamination System, a brother process of Glass Bend Lamination System, for curved surface (2.5D) lamination utilizing a dedicated carrier tape for transferring flexible materials.

Film lamination equipment Film lamination equipment

Glass Lamination Equipment

By slightly bending a cover glass in non-vacuum environment, it bonds with roller pressure applied from a side of the cover glass where it first touches the bonding target. It is possible to adjust various parameters for process to cope with different customer needs, and suits bonding hard materials such as glasses.

Glass Lamination Equipment

Printable Electronics Process Equipment

An inline device to fully cut OCAs supplied in roll into sheets and laminate them to the both sides of a sensor film in roll and then to fabricate it into chips. It offers stable production means and contributes to labor cost reduction as it punches, laminates, and cuts, all by itself.

Printable Electronics Process Equipment

Polishing and Cleaning Equipment (LCD and etc.)

A fully automatic device that removes foreign matters without damaging a sensor membrane of LCD surface by rotation of the dedicated polishing pad, pure water washing and air knife drying. It is suitable for the cleaning of glass substrates, such as LCDs or OLEDs.

Polishing and Cleaning Equipment

Delamination Equipment

In a process of film (flexible) devices, there is a concern that a processed film devices is damaged while being delaminated when the film device itself is bent in the peeling process. Therefore, our delamination process keeps the film device straight to avoid possible damages, and delamination is done by peeling off a glass substrate.

Delamination image


Our puncher is applicable for film substrates which come in both roll or sheet, full or half punches at inside substrates, and full punches at the edges of final deliverables.  With combination of customized blades and servomotors it numerically controls speed and height, realizing precision processes that do not give stress at the cut surface and do not negatively influence the next steps of lamination process.


Curved surface lamination

With process that controls best lamination position and posture of flexible devices, and features the lamination roller that can control pressure, speed, and thrust amount, it can give the best lamination condition for each of the line (tangential) contact points, under non-vacuum condition.  As a carrier tape is used to hold flexible devices, it can also handle ones with non-rectangular shapes.

Curved surface lamination image
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